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About M3TA Inc.
Data Aggregation and Analytics Platform developed to provide powerful and actionable insights for enterprises and projects of all sizes that currently or plan to build in Web3.
Our Inspriration
Too big to ignore...& to understand
The growth of Web3 and Metaverse signals a new potential market for enterprises to adapt with their marketing strategies; yet raise challenges on how to better understand their customers' behaviours in the decentralized world.

Enterprises in Web3 face a unique challenge: on-chain data is more readily available and transparent, but it lacks the real consumer data that inform intelligent business decisions, which is more often found off-chain. The solution to this challenge lies in combining both on-chain and off-chain data with machine-learning techniques in order to drive accurate and up-to-date descriptive analytics, as well as powerful predictive analytics.
Convert Customer
Aggregate data from enterprises and users.
Build Community
Aggregate data from enterprises and users.
Deep Personalization
Aggregate data from enterprises and users.
Your data.
Our solution.
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With multiple souces of data, we aim to help Enterprises bridge the gap between businesses and users in Web3, supporting their decision-making process across all sectors looking to convert customers, build communities, and nurture existing users through deep personalization.